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Social Media Marketing Strategy #8: Use Stumblupon to Get Customers

By Edwin Lo Many social media marketing agencies are using Stumbleupon to build brand loyalty and keywords. Why? Not only is it a great way to get traffic but it also offers the Paid Discovery tool which is perfect if you are an emerging brand on a limited budget and can't compete with larger companies by spending thousands per month on Google AdWords. Let's look at how a company used HypeTree to get over 6,000 signups in less than a week: Case Study: Old Fashioned Paid Ads – Done Smart!...

Social Media Marketing Agency Tip #2: Instagram For Business 101

By Edwin LoInstagram is a free photo sharing program available on smartphones and a social network that allows you to take a picture, apply a filter to it and share it with others with an Instagram account. With Instagram, you can share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare. Like other social networks, other users can follow you and vice versa, and similar to Twitter you can add hash tags to your photos. As a social media service, Instagram is one of the largest and busiest pho...

Social Media Manager Tip #17: How To Use Pinterest For Your Business

By Edwin LoPinterest is a social networking site that acts a virtual online scrapbook. Users “pin” (add) photos or videos to Pinterest, and in turn organize them into boards, which are usually thematically titled. You can add photos from your computer or straight off another website. Users can follow other users: meaning his/her pins will be shown to you, and you can also “like” or comment on other people’s pins. You can also repin photos, meaning you can add photos you find on Pinterest to your...

Social Media Manager Tip #14: How To Build A Terrific Online Presence

By Justin WongSo your company has a Facebook page and a Twitter page.  It's obvious that it's time to build your portfolio, but which networks should be selected? The key here is to identify social media networks that are a good fit for your company.  To help find the right mix of social media networks for your company, we will examine a couple different networks (over the course of several blog posts) and look at its purpose and general strategies for the network.  Of course...

Social Media Management Tip #8: How To Launch a Startup

Social media is a very desirable medium for startup entrepeneurs to launch and market their new venture. For one, it allows for direct contact with their potential customers. Two, it is built for great word-of-mouth and viral potential (think: efficiency in reaching a large amount of people). Three, it is usually inexpensive to do.But how do you actually launch a startup using social media? We share a few best practices in social media management from authors we like, starting from the very basi...

Social Media Tip #1: Do You Really Need a Social Media Consultant?

I liked Ballantine Digital's comment in a recent post titled "When Should You Hire a Social Media Consultant?" that social media is a neccessity because a lack of response on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms may turn off great individuals - like potential customers, potential partners and allies  - who might otherwise have become fans of your brand.And, as if the intuitive reason was not compelling enough, Ballantine Digital continues by saying that:The psychological reluctance to enga...

Part II: The Press Release and Your Social Media Consulting Business

By Joel Don, Principal of Comm Strategies.Joel's last post covered how to use the press release to get great SEO and media coverage for your clients. In this post, he shares five smart and cost-effective when it comes to leveraging the press release for your social media clients.  Here are some key tips and advice:1)    Today, your target is everyone, not just news media.  The press release is all about the power of SEO juice; news media pickup is a bonus.  Enhance ...

Daily Social Media Manager - Avoid 3 Moves That Sabotage Your Efforts

 Business2Community's Sheryl Roehl wrote a great post recently on 5 Pitfalls That Keep Marketers From Maximising Social Media Channels. These tips include:1. Running your social marketing without a strategy or a plan.2. Operating in a silo. 3. Using social media as just another marketing “me” channel. 4. Neglect your following.5. Obsessing about the score. It's well worth reading if you have decided to invest in a social media manager or hire social media con...

3 Killer Career Tips From Awesome Social Media Consultants!

Huffington Post contributor Christel Quek recently wrote a great - and very candid - "University of Life" post on how to succeed as a social media consultant. Her post is definitely worth reading if you are a social media consultant yourself (or thinking of becoming one) and are interested in standing out from what seems like a sea of social media consultants - solo or in the corporate world.Quek's tip "it's important to know that it's not all pancakes and maple syrup" in particular remind reade...

Daily Social Media Manager - 5 Steps to Maximize Facebook's Timeline

In our last few posts, we shared tips to help businesses communicate more clearly on blogs, Twitter and Youtube as part of our daily social media manager "communication clarity" blog series.In this daily social media manager post, we share five tips that will guide you towards using Facebook timeline in a clear, logical and attractive way to get better responses and engagement levels from your fans.Apart from doing smart social media management (e.g. adding specific keywords to your Faceboo...

Daily Social Media Manager - 5 Tips to Write Clearer Blog Posts Today

In our last post, we shared five tips as part of our daily social media manager "communication clarity" blog series to help businesses tweet more clearly and get their message through to their desired audience more effectively.In this social media manager post, we share five tips that will help you to blog more clearly and with more focus.Apart from doing smart social media management (e.g. keyword specific blogging several times a week) or hiring a social media manager to blog for you, consiste...

Social Media Management - 5 Tips To Tweet More Clearly Starting Today

In the haze of doing blogging and tweeting, have you ever wondered if your key messages are actually getting through to your desired audience?Apart from doing smart social media management (e.g. daily and keyword specific blogging, tweeting, posting, etc.) or hiring a social media manager to do it for you, consistently developing and sharing clear, structured and coherent content via social media channels will earn you:Respect from customers and stakeholdersEnhanced credibility and 'expert' stat...

Part 4: 3 Ways To Benefit 150% From Hiring Social Media Consultants

We've written before about key reasons (e.g. increase leads, free up time for one-on-one time with clients) to hire social media consultants and mapped out a helpful approach for hiring the right consultant for your business.But, once you have hired a consultant or social media manager, what do you do with him or her? In other words, how can you maximize their time and experience to give your business the best possible ROI (a.k.a. 150%)?Typically, the most time consuming part of any day-to-day s...

Social Media Management - 3 Tips To Fire Up Your Social Strategy

We scoured the web and here are today's social media tips - use them this week to add some spice to your social media management strategy and efforts (e.g. blogging, tweeting, posting, etc.).It Really Does Pay Off To Be An IntrovertSocial media is great for lurkers (a.k.a. introverts) - which make up about 80% of the social media population that 'creep' but do not comment on blog posts, tweets, etc. However, lurkers are great at listening, which is essential for being successful in social media....

Social Media Management Tip #6 - Generate Leads By Being Social

Do you want to find out how you can funnel all the great social media contacts that you have been making over the past few months into leads?We have been hard at work to create an all-in-one tips social media management guide that show you how to:Set up a successful social media lead generation plan today in five strategic stepsWrite blogs posts, Tweets and Facebook updates with lead generation in mind.Analyze where your social media leads are coming from for better ROI.Here is some of the resea...

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